What we do


The world is full of ideas and we also have many. We look at some of them down to the smallest detail for you and consider what added value the idea as an app can really bring.

If an idea makes it into the next round, we look at the competition on the market. We evaluate on the basis of established criteria whether a new app or this idea can exist on the market.


The concept is all about you, our target group. We want to create valuable content, simple user guidance and lasting user experiences for you.

The first scribbles and wireframes for the new app are created from the collected information. We test these down to the smallest detail to detect errors or discrepancies at an early stage. Would you like to support us? Write to us and become an app tester!


From our own experience and by collecting information we know what works well in apps and what you will like. When designing the app, we make sure that you can use the app well, find your way around it and feel comfortable with it.

Besides a suitable design, each app gets a few additional loving details that make it special for us and for you.


Once the concept is established, we begin with the development of the new app. We invest a lot of time in the technical implementation, so that the app not only looks beautiful, but also works quickly and correctly.

When a new app or function has been implemented, we put it through its paces. Nobody likes apps that don't work or crash - not even us :)


A new app is ready to go live! In addition to pictures and entries for the Play Store, there are a lot of preparations in the background so that you can find and download the new app.

As soon as the app can be found in the Play Store, we are continuously working on improving the app and incorporating your feedback. Do you have feedback about an app or is there a feature missing? Write to us and we will work on it together.


Spread the App! So that you can also find and download the apps in the Play Store, we have a lot of homework to do.

To keep you informed about them, each of our apps gets its own website. In addition, we create and run advertising campaigns and deal with the topic of SEO and website optimization.

Our Apps

Preview of App ND-Filter Expert

ND Filter Expert

The easiest and fastest way to calculate the exposure time when using neutral density filters or grey filters. With ND Filter Expert you can calculate the exposure time super fast and easy if you use ND Filter on your SLR camera.

All ND Filter Expert features at a glance:

  • Calculation of the time extension when using neutral density filters
  • Combine up to five different ND filters for calculation
  • Information about neutral density filters, use of ND filters and useful accessories
  • Timer functionality for exposure time greater than three seconds
  • Setting options for the timer
  • Different vibration modes for the timer
  • Alarm with tone when timer expires
  • Favorites list for frequently used ND filter values
  • Solutions to frequently asked questions about the use of neutral density filters
  • No unnecessary authorizations; minimum authorizations
  • Easy handling & great design
  • Further setting options
  • Support for the application
Go to ND Filter Expert website

Link to Google Play Store

Preview of App Planning Cards

Planning Cards

Do you always sit there during the Scrum refinement and have only boring standard cards with you? Are you a Scrum Master looking for Planning Poker cards for your team? That's all over now. Planning Cards is the newest and most beautiful way to play Planning Poker. The app has been lovingly designed and has many little extras to get you out of the daily grind and make a round of Planning Poker something special.

What does Planning Cards offer you?

  • Attractive design and many colours
  • Small animations that are fun to watch
  • No unnecessary authorizations; minimum authorizations
  • Easy handling due to good usability
  • Tap or shake to reveal the cards
  • Settings for the sensitivity of the sensors
  • Keep display active
  • Further setting options
  • Free of charge and without advertising
  • Support for the application
To the Planning Cards website

Link to Google Play Store

Preview of App Hertzian Pressure

Hertzian Pressure

Hertz's Pressung is your personal calculator for calculating the tension of two bodies according to Hertz's formulas.

It contains the calculation for the combinations:

  1. Ball - Ball
  2. Ball - Layer
  3. Cylinder - Cylinder
  4. Cylinder - Layer

Further functions of the application:
  • Representation of the formulas used for the calculation
  • Representation of the results as 2D graph
  • Intermediate results of the individual calculation steps
  • Library with different materials
  • History of materials and values already used
  • Free of charge and without advertising
  • Support for the application
To the Hertzian Pressure Website

Link to Google Play Store

About us

Bild von Eve und Else

eve aka daniel

Daniel is the technical guru at Eve&Else. He is responsible for the technical implementation of the applications as well as sales, marketing and translations. As a passionate developer, he is always on the lookout to further improve the apps while not forgetting the user.

else aka nancy

Nancy is the user experience queen and the creative mind behind the apps. She mainly takes care of the conception and design of our apps and websites, so that they not only look good, but are also very easy to use. In addition, she works energetically on the implementation of our websites.

Contact us

If you have technical questions about the apps or problems and suggestions for improvement regarding the implementation, you can contact Daniel.


If you have any questions about the design, our websites or errors in the translations, feel free to contact Nancy directly.